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Uninvited guest


Someone rings the doorbell. I was playing a game on the computer and I didn’t like getting up. The guest was persistent, he rang again. I knew I was alone in the house and got up to open it. I opened it and an unknown man stood in front of me. He was 30 years old. When he saw me he smiled and said my name. He hugged me, and I was confused. I see this man for the first time. He asked me about my parents, if they were at home. I told him they weren’t there but would be there in two hours from work.

Uninvited guest

He told me that he was my mother’s brother and that he was my uncle. That he remembers when I was born, and he was away for a while. He didn’t tell his mom he was coming because he wanted to surprise her.

He asked if he could go into the house to wait for her.

I let him in the house. I was sure he was my mom’s brother because he looked a lot like her, he was just younger than her.

Uninvited guest

I offered him a drink and we talked. He had many questions. I realized that he knows a lot about my family, and I didn’t even know he existed. I’ve never seen him in pictures.

He told me that mom and he were twins and they were very close. He told me about how my mom was a restless child. He was telling me what she was doing. We laughed.

When I asked him where he had been and why I had not met him until now, he replied that he had been traveling. He didn’t want to talk much about his trip.

He told me how mom and dad met. They sneaked out of the house at night so that the two of them could see each other. They were not in a relationship for long and quickly got married. Soon I was born too. He was overjoyed when I was born. He told me how he got drunk with his dad that evening and what stupid things they did.

Two hours passed quickly. I heard mom and dad’s car. I got up to open the door for them. At the door I shouted to my mother – “Mom I have a surprise for you”. We entered the living room together. To my surprise my uncle disappeared. I thought he was hiding somewhere. I checked the bathroom. He was nowhere to be found. I sat down in the armchair sadly. I looked at my mom and said “He was your twin brother and now he’s gone.” Mom started changing colors. Dad immediately approached her and I realized that something was wrong. Dad looked at me and said – “Don’t joke like that.”

Uninvited guest
Uninvited guest
Uninvited guest

I looked at them and said I’m not kidding. My uncle was here and I showed them where he was sitting. We talked for two hours. I told them that I knew he was my mom’s brother because he looked a lot like her just a little younger. I told them that he was wearing jeans and a white shirt.

Mom and Dad sat and listened while I told them what we talked about. I tried to tell them everything because I saw that they were really interested in it.

While I was talking I kept turning around and expecting him to appear and confirm that everything I was saying was true.

At one point mom got up and went to the shelf. She opened the drawer and took out a photo. She showed me the picture and I jumped. I shouted – “That’s the man and he looked just like that.”

Dad got up and told me to go to my room. I got up and went to the room. Nothing was clear to me.

After this mom and dad acted as if nothing had happened. I didn’t mention it anymore.

Years passed, and I could not forget my uncle’s visit. I tried to ask my grandparents about my uncle, but they didn’t want to talk about it.

Uninvited guest

After 7 years since this event, grandmother died and we all went to the funeral. I met many relatives at that funeral.

A relative said that the grandmother went to her son. I did not understand how she went to her son. When I was alone with that relative, I asked her how the grandmother went to her son. A cousin said that my uncle died. It happened a few months after I was born. She told me – “When you were born, your uncle was the happiest man in the world.” He loved you very much, but that accident killed him.”

I couldn’t come to myself. I talked to my dead uncle. I decided to openly discuss all this with my parents.

When we returned home and everything quieted down a little around my grandmother’s funeral, I called my parents to talk. I told them that I knew that my uncle had died and that I had learned about it at my grandmother’s funeral. I also know that an uncle was in our house that day. I can’t explain it but I’m sure it was him.

Uninvited guest
Paranormal stories

Mom and Dad explained to me that they believed me then. Some of the things I told them only my mom and uncle knew. Only the two of them knew about the evening when my father and uncle got drunk when I was born. The clothes I described him wearing are what he was buried in. That and many of the details I have related are things I could not have known. That’s why they believed me, but I was too young for them to tell me the truth. They wanted to protect me.

When I asked them how I didn’t know that mom had a twin brother. They told me that my mother had a hard time bearing the death of her brother. That’s why they put away all his things and didn’t talk about him.

Mom said that she only saved that one picture, and that all the other pictures are at Grandpa’s house. There, uncle has his own room which is locked and no one enters it. Grandma locked her uncle’s room and then she said that she will never touch that room.

Uninvited guest
Uninvited guest

Then mom and dad told me how my uncle was a good man and all his good deeds. Mom said that grandma always said – “God took an angel to himself.”

They told me that my uncle loved me the most in the world and that is probably why he came to visit me.

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    Everything is very open with a really clear description of the issues. It was definitely informative. Your site is useful. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Nancy аватар

    Something similar happened to my friend. She met her dead grandmother in the city. She just watched and didn’t say anything to her.

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