House of Shadows


House of Shadows

They had been searching for their home for a long time, and finally, they found it – a beautiful old house with a spacious garden, located on the outskirts of a peaceful town. The young couple, Mia and Mark, were thrilled with the opportunity to buy this house, which they imagined as a perfect home for their family. However, not everything was as it seemed.

As they unpacked their belongings and settled into the space, they noticed that strange things started to happen. They heard faint footsteps in empty rooms, doors opened and closed by themselves, and occasionally, they felt a cold breeze passing through the house. Mia and Mark tried to find logical explanations for these phenomena, but the more time they spent in the house, the more apparent it became that something was not right.

House of Shadows
House of Shadows

Their six-year-old son, Filip, began to get restless and afraid to sleep in his own room. He often told them about the shadows that moved along the walls in the evenings and the scary dreams he had. Mia and Mark tried to comfort him and assure him that it was all just his imagination, but they, too, felt uncomfortable.

House of Shadows

One evening, while they were all sitting together for dinner, they suddenly heard an unknown eerie melody coming from the guest room. Frightened, they went to check what was happening. When they opened the door, they witnessed a sight that would haunt them forever. An old gramophone was playing, and the room was filled with soft music, while a shadow danced on the wall, resembling a human figure.

House of Shadows
House of Shadows

Now they were certain that something supernatural dwelled in their house. They tried to cope with it, but with each passing day, the situation worsened. The ghost became aggressive, often waking them up in the middle of the night, and items disappeared and reappeared in places they hadn’t left them.

House of Shadows

After several months of torment, Mia and Mark made a difficult decision – they had to move out. However, the house was not willing to let go of its new occupants easily. Before they left, the spirit sent one last chilling message. They managed to record sounds coming from their child’s crib – indistinct whispers and eerie voices.

When they finally left the house, they felt relief, but also sadness as they left their dream of a perfect home behind. Mia and Mark never discovered what caused the house’s haunting, but they knew it was something that would follow them throughout their lives.

House of Shadows

The house remained empty and closed for many years, and locals began to avoid it. No one dared to set foot inside, as the story of the unusual events spread like wildfire.

The legend of the house of shadows grew in the town, passed down from generation to generation. The house remained forgotten, recalling only the ghost that still resided within its walls, waiting for the next unfortunate souls who dared to enter and meet it.

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A friend who is recently tired regularly comes to my dream and asks for a wedding dress because she is getting married.

At exactly 9 pm every night, someone hits the front door and bounces like a ball. Everyone in the house can hear it. At first we thought it was the wind, but as it kept repeating itself at exactly 9 p.m., it started to weigh on us. We all started watching and waiting in the house.

Someone rings the doorbell. I was playing a game on the computer and I didn’t like getting up. The guest was persistent, he rang again. I knew I was alone in the house and got up to open it. I opened it and an unknown man stood in front of me. He was 30 years old. When he saw me he smiled and said my name. He hugged me, and I was confused. I see this man for the first time. He asked me about my parents, if they were at home. I told him they weren’t there but would be there in two hours from work.

Still when I close my eyes I hear my son’s call “Mom, mom, mom, help me…”.

A friend who died suddenly comes to me regularly in my dreams and asks for a wedding dress because she is getting married.

I live in a house with my brother and parents. I go to school, and my brother is older than me and he is employed. Zog often travels for work.

In the quiet village of Elnor, a legend about a mysterious cottage located on the edge of the forest had been passed down from generation to generation.

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