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English is not my native language, so I apologize at the beginning for any mistakes I make. I wanted as many people as possible to read my story and understand that there is a solution for everything.

If strange things, bad things happen to you and you have no explanation for it, you are in the right place. I want to tell you that you are not alone in this and that there is a solution. I was in such a situation and I know how you feel. I found a solution to my problem. You will find a solution to your problem in this text.

I lived a life like a fairy tale

Emma Palibrk

Everything was going well in my life – School, college, love, society, work, finances… I was living my dream.

I had a carefree and beautiful childhood. I grew up with my brother and caring parents. My brother was older than me and always protected me. We didn’t have much money, but enough for a normal life.


I didn’t have to work hard during my studies and I quickly managed to find a job. Work was not a burden for me, but a pleasure.

I had several love affairs. Mostly frivolous, but then the real one came along. Someone I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. It is someone who showers you with attention, love and gives you security.

I like to travel and so does he. We traveled together on vacation wherever we wanted. We had money and could afford everything.

I was simply living my dream.

Emma Palibrk

A life I wouldn’t wish on anyone

Suddenly everything around me starts to collapse. I broke up with a wonderful boyfriend, he thought we should take a break. Later I found out that he quickly found another and everything was clear to me. I lost my job due to the shutdown of part of the company. I tried to find another job but without success. I had good recommendations for work, but everything was unsuccessful.


Emma Palibrk

During that period, other ugly things started to happen to me. I was robbed on the street. I had a car accident. A guy hit me from behind with another car at a traffic light. Appliances in the house started to break down. I was late for two work meetings because my car broke down.

Bad dreams burdened me almost every night. In the morning I woke up groggy and with headaches. As if I have no strength in me. That’s why I went to the doctor. There I found out that I have high blood pressure, and everything else is fine.

My life was simply hell.

Emma Palibrk

How did I decide to go to a witch doctor?

I went with my friend to a restaurant to have a drink, have lunch and talk about everything that is happening to me. She tells me – “You seem to be haunted.” At that moment, the waiter puts the food on the table and accidentally knocks the whole plate into my lap. The waiter looks at us confused, apologizes and says that this has never happened to him. I’m trying to get clean and tidy. Even what happened to me doesn’t surprise me. At that moment, the words of the prankster “You seem to be haunted” crossed my mind.


I’m not a believer. I did not believe in magical rituals, witches, sorcerers and sorcerers. I have never been to a witch doctor. I heard stories about witch doctors, removing curses, love spells… but I didn’t believe in all that.


Emma Palibrk

We leave the bar with our friend, say goodbye and each get into their car. I’m driving the car and suddenly a child jumps out in front of the car. Suddenly, it tore itself out of its mother’s hand and started running across the street. I brake suddenly and stop. It was nothing, the child is fine. The mother approaches, takes the child by the hand, says something to me and leaves. This was the highlight of it all. Then I decided to call a friend and ask her to make an appointment with a witch doctor.

Witch doctor made an appointment for tomorrow at 3 pm. I asked my friend to go with me because this is all new and unknown to me.

Going to the witch doctor

I go to the witch doctor with my friend. He tells me where to sit. On the table are some plants, unusual objects, cards, containers with some liquid and some other things.


She told me to wash my hands in that liquid with a bowl. I did that and waited to see what would happen. I honestly did not expect anything spectacular. The witch doctor’s first sentence was – “You had a boyfriend and that relationship ended.” She took a short look and continued – “You were in a house only once. You slept in that house. The woman you were sleeping with gave you something to drink and actually sewed something for you. That thing she put in your clothes is still in your house. As long as he’s around you, things will go badly for you.”


Emma Palibrk

She stared at me and said – “It’s best to remember where you were.” I will help you. That person is blonde, has shorter hair and is between forty and fifty years old.”

I remembered. Six months ago, I was with my boyfriend for the first time at his parents’ house. His mother is blonde and between forty and fifty years old. She was very pleasant. I couldn’t even think that she would do anything.


I told the witch doctor where I was and who the woman was. She told me to pick up all the things I was carrying at her place and throw them in some river. When I throw them, I should say some words that the witch doctor told me.

At the end, the witch doctor told me – “My child, I can see that you don’t believe in all this.” You just keep quiet, but I know what’s on your mind. Don’t worry. Everything will be like before, even better. I see you will do what I do.”

We say goodbye to the witch doctor.

Emma Palibrk

Throwing things away

I have to do this right. I still don’t believe it, but I have to try it. I go into the apartment and start collecting everything that I brought to my ex-boyfriend’s parents. Fortunately, we only went for one day, so it’s not much. I packed everything in the bag I was carrying at the time. I was trying to remember that I hadn’t forgotten to pack something in my bag.


When it got dark, I went to the river. I threw the bag into the river and said the words the witch doctor told me.

A reversal

A few days passed and a company called me for a job. I finally got a job. Ugly things stopped happening to me. I met a guy. At first it was friendship, but it quickly turned into love.

Then I was sure that the witch doctor was right.

Practicing magic

Emma Palibrk

I began to study magical rituals. I read books, searched on websites and decided to give it a try.

I did the initiation and entered the world of witch doctors. I tried some rituals and some worked, some didn’t. I experimented. As time went on I got better and better.

I visited some people who revealed their secrets to me. Some I had to pay for, and some I got for free.

How do I live today?

Now I have a husband and three children. I have my dream job. I do magic when I need it. I have nice dreams. I am healthy as are my family members. I have a wonderful marriage, a husband whom I adore, and he adores me. I’m living my dream again.

With this site I want to help those of you who need help, just like I did.

Emma Palibrk

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  1. Johan аватар

    An interesting and honest story. Anyone who has gone through something similar will understand. Thank you for your honesty

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    Elizabeth Jones

    Imala sam nekoliko pitanja i obratila sam se putem vaše podrške. Bila sam prijatno iznenađena brzinom i efikasnošću odgovora. Veliki plus za korisničku podršku!