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I live in Texas with my wife and two children. I work in a company that is at most an hour’s drive from home.


One evening I was coming home from work. I usually work in the second shift until 9 p.m. I get in the car and go home. I usually talk to my wife on the phone then. We talk for five to ten minutes, and then I play music and continue on.

I know the streets were incredibly dark.


The next moment I saw a light and I was on the street where I live. It wasn’t light, it was day. It was as if I fell asleep for a second and suddenly woke up while driving. I looked at my watch and realized that I had 10 hours to go from work to home. A journey that lasts 1 hour, I traveled for 10 hours. It was like I was hypnotized.


I enter the house, my wife and children approach me and hug me. My wife asks me where you have been. I say that I don’t know, that I was at work and I don’t know how I traveled home for 10 hours. I explained to her that I didn’t understand either.

She told me that I didn’t travel for 10 hours, but for 13 days. I looked at the calendar. I couldn’t believe it. For me, that time was just a moment.


The police looked at me strangely. They didn’t believe me. I can’t blame them. I wouldn’t believe such a story either. When they were checking my mobile phone it was strange for them too. Tracking my phone vindicated my story.

I was questioned by various people and scholars. I couldn’t tell them much.

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A friend who is recently tired regularly comes to my dream and asks for a wedding dress because she is getting married.

At exactly 9 pm every night, someone hits the front door and bounces like a ball. Everyone in the house can hear it. At first we thought it was the wind, but as it kept repeating itself at exactly 9 p.m., it started to weigh on us. We all started watching and waiting in the house.

Someone rings the doorbell. I was playing a game on the computer and I didn’t like getting up. The guest was persistent, he rang again. I knew I was alone in the house and got up to open it. I opened it and an unknown man stood in front of me. He was 30 years old. When he saw me he smiled and said my name. He hugged me, and I was confused. I see this man for the first time. He asked me about my parents, if they were at home. I told him they weren’t there but would be there in two hours from work.

Still when I close my eyes I hear my son’s call “Mom, mom, mom, help me…”.

A friend who died suddenly comes to me regularly in my dreams and asks for a wedding dress because she is getting married.

I live in a house with my brother and parents. I go to school, and my brother is older than me and he is employed. Zog often travels for work.

They had been searching for their home for a long time, and finally, they found it – a beautiful old house with a spacious garden, located on the outskirts of a peaceful town.

In the quiet village of Elnor, a legend about a mysterious cottage located on the edge of the forest had been passed down from generation to generation.

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