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Knocking on the door


At exactly 9 pm every night, someone hits the front door and bounces like a ball. Everyone in the house can hear it. At first we thought it was the wind, but as it kept repeating itself at exactly 9 p.m., it started to weigh on us. We all started watching and waiting in the house. At exactly 9 p.m., something knocks on the door. Some blunt force. I thought someone was doing it on purpose.

Uninvited guest

I went outside the house and waited. That didn’t happen. No one knocked. I thought that was it. Someone is teasing us. But the next night it happened again.

I went upstairs and watched everything from the dark room. It was getting close to typing time. No one entered the yard. At exactly 9 p.m., there was a knock on the door. There was no one in the yard.


This was too much. There are children in the house and everyone is starting to get scared.

I decided to take action and went to a witch doctor. I told her everything. I tried not to miss any detail.

Knocking on the door
Knocking on the door

Wizard asked me if someone had almost died. I told her that there was no one from the family. My best friend died 7 months ago. We were inseparable.

Vračara said – “The one knocking at you is that friend of yours.” You probably went somewhere together at 9 p.m. Something about that time binds him to you. When you are in the house he knocks, when you are out of the house he has no reason to look for you in the house. Something was preventing him from entering the house.”

Knocking on the door

I have chills. Indeed, most often around 9 p.m. we went together to a nearby pub for a drink. We never drank at my house because my wife got angry.


Paranormal stories

She continued the witch doctor – “You will take a bottle of the drink he liked to drink and two glasses.” Go to his grave and pour a drink into those two glasses. He spilled the drink from one glass on the grave and drank the other. If you feel you need to say something, say it at the grave. When you’re done with that, you go home. Leave the drink bottle and the glasses on the grave.”

Knocking on the door

I did everything as the witch doctor told me. I brought a bottle of cognac and two glasses. At the cemetery, I told everything that was on my mind. After that story I felt comfortable. After this, no one ever knocked on the door again. I didn’t tell my family members about going to the witch doctor and going to the cemetery. They think that someone was playing tricks on us and knocking on the door on purpose.


Sometimes with a bottle of cognac and glasses I go to my friend’s grave to say goodbye to him.

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A friend who is recently tired regularly comes to my dream and asks for a wedding dress because she is getting married.

Someone rings the doorbell. I was playing a game on the computer and I didn’t like getting up. The guest was persistent, he rang again. I knew I was alone in the house and got up to open it. I opened it and an unknown man stood in front of me. He was 30 years old. When he saw me he smiled and said my name. He hugged me, and I was confused. I see this man for the first time. He asked me about my parents, if they were at home. I told him they weren’t there but would be there in two hours from work.

Still when I close my eyes I hear my son’s call “Mom, mom, mom, help me…”.

A friend who died suddenly comes to me regularly in my dreams and asks for a wedding dress because she is getting married.

I live in a house with my brother and parents. I go to school, and my brother is older than me and he is employed. Zog often travels for work.

They had been searching for their home for a long time, and finally, they found it – a beautiful old house with a spacious garden, located on the outskirts of a peaceful town.

In the quiet village of Elnor, a legend about a mysterious cottage located on the edge of the forest had been passed down from generation to generation.

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