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  • House of Shadows

    House of Shadows

    They had been searching for their home for a long time, and finally, they found it – a beautiful old house with a spacious garden, located on the outskirts of a peaceful town.

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  • How do days affect magic (spell)?

    How do days affect magic (spell)?

    Tailor your magick to your specific goals, beliefs and intuition. If your wishes are related to love, it is best to do the magical ritual on Fridays, and if it is wealth and money, then it is Thursday, and if it is related to health, then it is Wednesday. Feel free to explore and discover…

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  • Knocking on the door

    Knocking on the door

    At exactly 9 pm every night, someone hits the front door and bounces like a ball. Everyone in the house can hear it. At first we thought it was the wind, but as it kept repeating itself at exactly 9 p.m., it started to weigh on us.

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  • Magical (spell) ritual for love

    Magical (spell) ritual for love

    Different types of magical rituals can be used to achieve different goals, including love, health, prosperity and other intentions.

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