How do days affect magic (spell)?


Certain days of the week have special energy characteristics associated with certain planets or deities. This belief is based on astrological principles and the influence of the planets on our lives.

How do days affect magic (spell)?
How do days affect magic (spell)?

Monday (month)

Associated with intuition, emotional healing and feminine energies.

Ideal for working on inner growth, dreams, developing intuition and soul healing.

How do days affect magic (spell)?

Tuesday (Mars)

Associated with energy, courage, combativeness and action.

Good for working on protection, determination, courage and overcoming obstacles.

Wednesday (Mercury)

Associated with communication, intellect, learning, health and travel.

Good for magic related to learning, health, communication, writing or expressing creativity.

How do days affect magic (spell)?

Thursday (Jupiter)

Associated with abundance, happiness, prosperity and expansion.

Good for working on manifesting abundance, attracting good fortune and expanding horizons.

How do days affect magic (spell)?

Friday (Venus)

Associated with love, beauty, art and relationships.

Ideal for love rituals, work on attracting love and developing harmonious relationships.

Saturday (Saturn)

Related to structure, discipline, karma and focus.

Good for working on achieving goals, overcoming fears and establishing structure in life.

How do days affect magic (spell)?

Sunday (Sun)

Associated with personal power, confidence, enlightenment and spirituality.

Ideal for working on strengthening personal power, connecting with the inner being and developing spiritual skills.

Tailor your magick to your specific goals, beliefs and intuition. If your wishes are related to love, it is best to do the magical ritual on Fridays, and if it is wealth and money, then it is Thursday, and if it is related to health, then it is Wednesday.

Feel free to explore and discover which days work best for you for certain types of magical workings.

How do days affect magic (spell)?
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