Magical (spell) ritual for love


Different types of magical rituals can be used to achieve different goals, including love, health, prosperity and other intentions.

Magical (spell) ritual for love
  • Prepare a love candle, you can use a red or pink candle, and place it on the altar.
  • Underneath or around the candle, place tags of violets as a symbol of love and fidelity.
  • Fill the container with water or tea. Move your wand over the water and ask it to help you with this magical ritual. Water the plants with water or tea at the end of the magic ritual.
Magical (spell) ritual for love
  • Meditate and visualize the love you want to attract into your life or the life of another person, imagining happiness and harmony with the chosen person.
  • Let the candle burn to the end, while thanking the universe for its support.
Magical (spell) ritual for love
Magical (spell) ritual for love

During each ritual you can use the appropriate scents of incense or incense sticks.

The thing I get asked most often is how long does it take for it to start working? It usually works after 7 to 13 days. Sometimes it happens that it starts working after a month. I usually do all magical rituals at least twice. I also work 7 to 13 days apart.

I am so sure it will work for sure. Herbs you can use are lavender, rose and basil. If you don’t have a red candle, you can use a white candle.

This magic always, always works. The process of meditation and visualization is important. You need to visualize what you want as faithfully as possible. Meditation is the most common reason why some magical ritual needs to be repeated.

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