The influence of the Moon on magical rituals


The moon has a strong influence on magical rituals because of its proximity to the Earth and its cyclical movement through the different phases of the moon. The moon carries energy that can support various types of magical actions.

Moon phases, such as full moon, new moon, first quarter and last quarter, have different energetic characteristics. For example, a full moon is often considered a time of full power and manifestation, while a new moon is a time for new beginnings and initiations. Understanding the phases of the moon can help you align your magical rituals with the appropriate energies and goals.

While the Moon is growing, it is best to do magical rituals where something needs to be increased. For example, increase love, work on health, wealth, money. As the Moon waxes, so will the magic you send.

I had the best results during the full moon. Then you can do everything. You don’t have to do a magical ritual for one goal just once. I will repeat some magical rituals that I did during the full moon to make sure that they will come true.

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